Omar Blanco | Owner | DJ

Omar Blanco Valentin is a young entrepreneur from Iowa with a focus in music business, artist development and live music production.  As a promising capitalist with a keen ability to anticipate problems, Omar is well-versed in creating exceptional entertainment such as Summerfoam Live -- the Nation's Hottest Foam Party

Well educated in the music industry on subjects like music publishing, copyright law, tour and live sound management, Omar drives Musical Genius Productions to become Iowa's Leading Mobile DJ.  Omar is certified by the Small Business Administration, in 2014, in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and general business. 

Omar's responsibilities involve budgeting, advancing with venues, booking agents and artists, hiring and training road staff and advertising.  Following high school, Omar accumulated strong interpersonal skills through the management of Devotion Live and Devotion Music group, LLC. 

As a sound engineer, since 2009, Omar has mixed sound for local bands and venues.  At age fourteen, he started DJ Thriller-Musical Genius (now known as Musical Genius Productions), a wedding DJ service.  Omar is the recipient of the 2014 Iowa DAR North East Good Citizen Award and Iowa State Bar Association American Citizenship Award.  Music awards include the John Philip Sousa Award and Iowa Choral Directors Association Award.

Additional Honors 

  • Silver Cord Citizenship Award 
  • Iowa State Bar Foundation American Citizenship Award 
  • Iowa DAR State Good Citizen Nominee 
  • Globe Gazette Star Class Language Recipient

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